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A Fresh Start This School Year

The beginning of the new school year is a perfect time to do a quick behavior and attitude check. A few helpful tips can help streamline any adjustments that might need to be made and make the new school year a little more enjoyable for everyone.

  • The best way to set a good example is to be a great role model. Your kids watch what you do every day, and pattern themselves after your behavior.

  • Encourage good manners from a very early age. Phrases like Thank You, You’re Welcome, and Excuse Me go a very long way.

  • Teach them to be respectful of others, including those at home, at school and in public places.

  • Be sure to include physical activities every day. It can be school sports, or everyday activities such as walking the dog, playing tag, riding their bikes, swimming, or even helping with household chores. Children who are not active enough can be at a higher risk of developing chronic diseases. Making physical activity part of their day will become a healthy habit as they grow older.

  • Plan family time. Family bonding is very important. Join in their bike rides, take walks together, or enjoy a little time gardening with your kids.

  • Set strong ground rules. Set time for upcoming homework, cell phones and screen time and bedtime.

  • Encourage a healthy, balanced diet. Keep fruits and vegetables handy instead of candy, chips and soda.

  • Be positive. Explain what they CAN do as opposed to what they CANNOT do. Reward good behavior with complements and hugs – not with material items.

  • Stay involved. Our adult lives are busy. It’s easy to get side-tracked. Be sure to make your kids your priority. Make them feel safe and loved.

  • Be realistic. Kids will make mistakes. Set realistic goals and limits. Try to stay calm when your kids do slip up. Focus on correcting the behavior rather than dwelling on the mistake.

  • Refresh your own knowledge base. Search out sites devoted to children’s safety, health and wellness. A great source for kids’ safety is

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