HKQ Kids


Making cherished family memories and building traditions is something that is truly priceless. And New Year’s Eve with your family is a great time to reminisce while setting new individual and family goals for the new year. Make it a fun night, that everyone will remember!

1. Get everyone all dressed up. Put on your best dresses, and suits. Do everyone’s hair and nails, pull out your best jewelry. Make a special music play list. Roll back the carpets and have a dance contest, awarded with a special treat for the winner.

2. Create a special drink, with an extra special name, and serve it in your fanciest glassware. Make it fizzy. Toast in the new year!

3. Prepare everyone’s favorite food. Have everyone be a part of the preparation.

4. Revert to your inner child – build a blanket fort and get on the floor with your kids. Have a party under the tent in your living room.

5. Set some New Year Resolutions as a family. Work on your list together.

6. Create a mood. Dim the lights. Buy glow sticks and put them inside a balloon for an extra nice effect. Check local Dollar Stores for New Year’s Eve decorations and banners.

7. Take lots of silly pictures of each other and share them. Pictures help preserve memories.

8. Make your own party hats. Look for interesting ideas on Pinterest, or, just break open the crayons and have some fun!

9. Play a game. Ask 20 questions to talk about special memorable events from this past year.

10. Rig a balloon drop for when the ball drops. Drape a large piece of wrapping paper from a ceiling fan, fill it with balloons, and when the time comes, let one side free. Watch the balloons drop!

11. Allow a little later bedtime, on this once a year, special evening.

Above all, have a fun evening with your kids. Spend some precious family time on the last night of 2018. It’s the perfect time to show them how much you love them.

On behalf of the law firm of Hourigan, Kluger & Quinn and HKQ Kids, we wish you a very Happy New Year. Stay Safe!