HKQ Kids


The holidays always find us so busy – holiday preparation, gifts, shopping – on top of your normal day-to-day responsibilities of work, taking care of your family and personal relationships. It’s easy to let time pass without spending a lot of attention on those closest to you. But it’s also one of the most important times to stay connected to them.

Interactive time with your kids is very important to their overall development. Finding time to spend with your children means the world to them too. Activities such as our upcoming Free Movie Showing, Transylvania 3, on Saturday, December 15th at 2pm at the Kirby Center contributes to parent-child bonding, particularly at the holidays. Doors open at noon, and there are plenty of pre-show activities that will keep everyone entertained.

When a parent carves out special time with their kids:
            Kids feel important and loved;
            Kids have an opportunity to model their parents’ behavior;
            Parents observe their children’s strengths and weaknesses, to better guide them;
            Kids have a chance to voice their thoughts and feelings;
            Parents and kids develop a stronger bonding and trust.

Family time can reduce emotional and behavioral problems in children from a very early age. It fosters communication, provides positive reinforcement, and teaches social skills. As a matter of fact, several studies have revealed negative outcomes when a child or adolescent does not receive the right love, guidance and attention from their parents. A study recently published in the Journal of Family Issues shows that adolescents who believe they matter to their families are less likely to engage in violence against family members. There are several other studies that link lack of attention to childhood obesity.

Activities that promote happy and healthy children don’t have to be expensive or difficult to access. The key is to give your kids your full attention.  Some suggestions:
1. Family meal time: Make preparation, serving and mealtime a family time. Get kids involved in the food selection. Talk during dinner, and be sure to put everyone’s cell phones away – including yours.
2. Involve older kids in holiday decorating, baking and gift wrapping.
3. Homework: A little time helping your kids through homework will help on many levels.
4. Sports, hobbies and board games: Helps your kids with problem-solving skills.
5. Going to concerts, shows, and movies, like our Free Showing of Transylvania 3 on Saturday, December 15 at the Kirby Center.
6. Reading together.

Family time should be fun and enjoyable. And, a little extra time today can result in healthy, happy children that realize how much you love them. Take time for those that are most important in your life, especially during the holidays, and let them know how much you care.