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Online Research Tools for School

There has never been a time where it was easier to access information, nearly instantly – via a desktop computer, a tablet, or even your portable handheld computer – your smartphone.

Here are a few sites that will help streamline search and make homework a little easier for your high schoolers, and a little less stressful for you.

Google Scholar
Google Scholar helps you to find scholarly literature all in one place. It lists related works, citations, authors and publications. It will help you find a document in its entirety, when many other search engines might just show you an excerpt. Google Scholar also allows you to build your own library for future reference.

Google Books
Search and browse books online. Find reference pages for quick learning, and buy or borrow the books, right online.

iSeek is a very specific search engine for students, teachers, administrators and caregivers. Search hundreds of thousands of trusted resources, and create your own searchable web-based library.


Education Resources Information Center
ERIC is an online library of education research sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences and the U.S. Department of Education.

Sift through several libraries from the comfort of home, all on one site. WildCat gives you quick access to popular books, music and videos. Find authoritative research materials, and digital versions of rare items that may not be easy to access.

Yippy began as the brainchild of three Carnegie Mellon University scientists who wanted to tackle the problem of information overload on the internet. Simply type in a few search words, and pull up some of the top results for academic discovery.

Share this information with your kids. It’s never too late to develop good study habits.

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