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Activities for you and your kids during COVID-19

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Social distancing is one of our current methods to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. And, keeping your immune system healthy and strong may help to keep you safe. One of the ways to help build your immune system is through activity and exercise. However, the way we stay active has changed over the last few months. We have a few helpful suggestions to get active and stay healthy.

  1. Go for a bike-ride together. Always take safety precautions and wear your helmets. Both parents and kids.
  2. Make a picnic lunch and go outside. Spread a blanket out in your back yard, put on some music and have lunch together.
  3. Go for a walk together. If you have a pet, take them with you.
  4. Build a backyard scavenger hunt. Hide a few objects and set a timer. Have a contest where whoever finds the most items wins a small token.
  5. Build a backyard obstacle course. Set up a few blocks, jump ropes, swings, open-ended cardboard boxes.
  6. Paint a series of smooth stones with bright colors. Find an area where those stones can be placed and admired.
  7. Engage your kids with gardening and planting. Make it their job to water and nurture the plants.  Watch the plants and your kids grow!
  8. Play the “I Spy with my little Eye” game.
  9. Break out the board games, indoors or outdoors. They help your kids to problem solve, communicate and have fun, all at the same time.
  10. Read a new book. If you don’t have any new books at hand, search your free books for kids online. Right now, there are several free resources online.

We know this is a challenging time. Use your imagination and all the online resources you can find to help your family stay busy while staying mentally and physically healthy and well. Take care of yourself and your family. Stay home, stay safe, and stay well.

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