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Teen Dating and Toxic Relationships

The teenage years are usually a time when your kids start exploring dating and relationships. The desire to explore comes with other changes teenagers are experiencing such as emotional, physical, and social changes. It’s a major part of growing up for teenagers so these relationships are a very big deal for teenagers.

With little experience in relationships, teens can easily get caught up in how good the relationship is appearing when in reality, there may be signs of a toxic relationship that they may not even notice. It is important to educate your teenagers on the signs of abusive and toxic relationships to bring attention to any issues they may see in their own relationships.

Signs of a toxic relationship:

  • Extreme jealously and possessiveness
  • Controlling behavior such as demanding to search your phone, needing to have your location at all times, or needing to run things by them before doing them
  • Isolating you from other friends or family
  • Verbally abusing you through excessive name calling, degradation, cursing, and humiliation
  • Physical abuse through violence
  • Severe mood swings where the person is sweet one minute and explosive the next minute
  • Quick involvement in which one person claims their love is intense from the start
  • Accuses a partner of being easily insulted and taking everything to heart
  • Constantly blames you for things that they did
  • Threatening breakups if they don’t get their way
  • Manipulation

What teenagers can do if they are in an abusive relationship:

  • Seek advice from a trusted adult
  • Always tell a parent or a close friend where they will be
  • For anonymous advice, contact 1-866-331-9474, chat at or text “loveis” to 22522 at any time
  • Contact authorities if violence is involved

Teenagers can be blinded by love, but it is important they are aware of these signs so they can get out of these relationships before they escalate.

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