HKQ Kids

Keeping Your Kids Safe on Parade Day

If you live in Northeast PA, you know how much we enjoy our St. Patrick’s Day parades. Tens of thousands of people line up to watch a parade and celebrate with friends and family. For many, it has become a family tradition. It’s easy to become distracted, and even easier for your kids to get excited and wander off, in a blink of an eye. HKQ Kids has a few suggestions to keep your kids safe while enjoying the festivities.

  • Take a digital photo of each of your kids, so they are easily identifiable should they become lost.
  • Make sure your kids know your cell phone number and can recite it.
  • Write a few emergency contact numbers down on a small slip of paper and tuck it in their pockets.
  • Tell your kids that should they get lost, to stay-put in a safe location until you find them.
  • Consider wearing something bright, or glowsticks, so they are easy to find.
  • If they have a cell phone, make sure you have a Find My Phone App installed and turned on. Make sure theirs and your ringer is set to “on”, so you can hear it.
  • Memorize what everyone is wearing. Make it into a game. Have your kids close their eyes and recite what you have on.
  • Orient each other by identifying landmarks, should you get separated.
  • Discuss a plan in advance. Should you get separated, meet at a pre-designated place.
  • If possible, pick your child up and carry them through a heavily populated area, or if they are very young, keep them in a stroller.
  • Hold hands.
  • Watch your belongings, and avoid people that make you feel uneasy. Trust your instincts.

Parade weekend can also be a risk outside of the parade route. Adult celebrations can lead to irresponsible behavior and drunk driving. Be extra cautious and alert. As always, put your phone down while you are driving, and fasten your seat belt. Make sure that if your kids are outside playing, that they are extremely cautious near roads and parking areas.

Of course, these same tips can be used for any crowded event, including a trip to an amusement park, vacation or any public outing. A few moments to prepare can make a tremendous difference.

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