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Importance of Chores and Your Kids

Chores… a word that no child wants to hear. When kids think of the word “chores,” they often associate it with very boring work that is taking away their play time. However, chores don’t have to be boring. There can be small rewards attached to chores, such as giving the kids one of their favorite treats or giving them homemade coupons that they can “cash in” for a couple of hours at one of their favorite places. This gives them a purpose for doing the chores, and they may be more willing to complete them. In the long run, chores provide numerous benefits, such as teaching responsibility and independence to kids.

It is important to mention that you should not overload your children with chores. One to two age-appropriate chores a day is an adequate amount, and your child will be less likely to resist doing them. If a child is really against doing chores, you can allow them to pick one or two chores that they would be willing to do. Their choice of chores may make them more willing to help.

Chores that are appropriate for children

• Putting away belongings after using them
• Folding and putting away clean clothes
• Setting and clearing the table
• Washing and putting away dishes
• Yardwork
• Helping with mopping the floor
• Wiping down the bathroom
• Doing laundry
• Vacuuming, dusting, and sweeping
• Feeding and walking family pets
• Cleaning up after pets
• Preparing their own lunches

Benefits of chores

• Develops gross and fine motor skills
• Teaches responsibility
• Builds self-esteem
• Teaches value of teamwork
• Teaches time management
• Teaches valuable skills
• Teaches leadership skills
• Teaches independence
• Teaches good work ethic

The benefits of chores really outweigh the drawbacks. At times it may seem easier to do the work yourself, but it is very important to give your children the opportunity to do age-appropriate chores to develop some of these essential skills.

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