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Take Time to Unplug

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We’ve all become so reliant on technology. When our internet is down, we panic. We stream movies. We text our family and friends. We spend countless hours on social media. Sometimes, you just need a break.

Take a few hours to turn off or put down all electronic devices: cell phones, computers, laptops, smart tvs. Separating from these devices will allow you to interact with others and really appreciate their company. Studies also show that you make healthier food choices and indulge in less snacking when you put your phone down.

Are you curious how long you spend on your phone and tablet each day? Most phones have an app that will record exactly how much time you spend each day. You may be surprised to see that most people average of 5.4 hours a day – nearly TWICE as much time as time spent in 2019! Social media is responsible for nearly half of that time.

Unplugging helps reduce stress. Your mind and body need to recover from the stresses from the day. Unplugging allows you to connect with your kids and your family in a different way. It helps build verbal communication skills. The easiest time to unplug for most may be a few hours before bedtime. It’s a great time for hot baths and long conversations. Consider exchanging your phone for a book. It’s a perfect time to read your kids a story.

There are also physiological benefits to unplugging a few hours before bedtime. The blue light from your screens impacts the brain’s production of melatonin, delaying the onset of sleep. Delayed melatonin release means it takes longer to fall asleep and stay asleep, so you will feel less rested the next day. We all know the “quick check” of our phones before we go to bed that usually leads to several unplanned minutes. Or that all-too-familiar tone that alerts us to messages. Find a location other than your nightstand for your own phone, and find a spot outside your kids’ bedrooms for their phones, tablets and laptops.

Need additional motivation? Find resources to help at Get some of your friends and family to do it with you!

A fresh, rested mind is ready to take on the challenges of the next new day. Setting an example by unplugging with your kids is very important, and while it may be difficult at first, establishing a “no electronics” time each night will be something you will be so glad you did!

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